We the people of God at Epiphany Cathedral, are empowered by thr Holy Spirit at Baptism to be the Hearts and Hands of Christ



Confirmation, the second sacrament of initiation, strengthens the graces of our Baptism, seals us with the special gift of the Holy Spirit which strengthens us to live and proclaim the Gospel. Confirmation strengthens our life with God, unites us more closely to Christ and his body of the Church. Confirmation leaves a mark or seal on our soul and marks us forever as belonging to Christ. Confirmation can be received only once.

Youth Confirmation: Sacramental preparation begins in Grade 9 and above, and Confirmation is received in Grade 10 and above.

Ten classes over two years comprise the formal formation for this Sacrament, only the start of ongoing learning and faith development which continues through high school and beyond. Complementing classes are:

Worship: 5:30 pm Sundays, LIFE TEEN Mass is for youth and young adults of our community

Fellowship and Support: 6:30-8:00 pm Sundays, LIFE TEEN Youth Group meets for catechetical, issues, and social nights, to build community and support teens. 

Additionally, on a regular basis, teens attend a variety of service, prayer, concert, fun, and other activities.


Informational Sheets:

Confirmation Welcome Letter
2-Year Plan
Confirmation Study Guide
Confirmation and LIFE TEEN Calendar 2018-2019 
Letter to Bishop

Required Forms (1. Complete Online,  2. Print,  3. Submit to the Youth Office):

Register for Confirmation  (Fill-in online & Print)
Medical Release
Image Release
Copy of Insurance Card
Sponsor Eligibility Form (Fill-in online & Print)
Service Hours Form (Print & Complete)


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